We offer a variety of services to the Auckland region, especially the North Shore area. Not only can we handle all of your interior and exterior painting needs, we are also proficient in wallpapering and plastering. Additionally, we offer our clients colour choice advice and consultations, lead paint removal services and eco-friendly paint options. 
As a locally owned and operated painting company, it is our number one goal to offer exceptional services to our fellow residents. That's why we offer maintenance programs for your fresh paint job, and we guarantee our workmanship for five years, while the guarantee on the paint used can range upward of fifteen years. 


Westend Painters is well known for their superior painting services. We offer exterior and interior painting for both commercial buildings and residential homes. We use high quality paints that are guaranteed to stand the test of time, and we make sure the job is done right from before the first can of paint is opened until the last drop cloth is removed from the work site. Not only do we apply our eco friendly paints with precision and care, but we also make sure all of the proper prep work, as well as clean-up, is handled for each job that we complete. 


Removing old or installing new wallpaper is a unique art form in and of itself. On the pulse of design trends at the moment, wallpapering is on the rise. Choosing the right wallpaper can add a bold statement or subtle intrigue to any room. 
However, it is critical to have wallpaper, especially specialty papers that require pattern matching, installed by a qualified professional. These patterns can be quite difficult to pattern match, and the end result of a do-it-yourself job can end up in many dollars wasted and quite a mess on your hands. 


Plastering is a crucial part of building or renovating any property. The techniques involved must be implemented properly, as sloppy plaster work can cause serious long term issues for your building. Westend Painters can expertly apply smooth or textured finishes, and ensure the job is done right every time. We can also provide consultations and advice to discuss your property's specific plastering needs. Click here for more information.

Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint removal can be an extremely dangerous process and should always be left up to professionals. Due to the hazardous potential of this process on your health, it is of the highest importance to employ a professional team that is well-versed in taking the proper precautions involved in removing lead paint. Westend Painters has you covered. Our team is experienced in lead paint removal and will handle projects involving this process with care.