Joinery Conservation

In the Auckland region and areas in and surrounding the North Shore, many historic cottages and villas abound. Part of the allure of these lovely homes is their historic charm and architectural features. However, many of these homes upon purchase sometimes require a bit of updating and remodelling. 

 Many homes feature their original wooden, window joinery, which adds much to the character of the home. The skilled craftsmen that originally constructed the home carefully selected seasoned timber and crafted the joinery so that it would last for years to come. However, sometimes repair is necessary for the wooden joinery.


When choosing a company to repair and conserve historic joinery, you should consider several factors. The methods used for repair should be minimal, durable, cost effective and reversible. Modern methods that use filler and splicing techniques are not recommended. 


Westend Painters uses a joinery conservation method that removes the decayed timber, stabilizes and repairs the timber left, seals, glazes and finishes up with high quality paint. This method keeps the original materials intact as much as possible, provides minimal disruption to the building and leaves the joinery looking spectacular and in keeping with the look and feel of the home. 


In addition to standing the test of time, this method also seals in your windows. With the new, repaired joinery, your thermal efficiency and drought prevention will increase. There are many benefits with which joinery conservation accompanies. Click here for more information about joinery conservation. 


Download the following file for further information the products used and how we and conserve your joinery.